Established in early February 2021,
Soltræ is an active guild based on teamwork.
With people all over the world there is always someone online for a PvE or PvP party.

Deeply believing that together we are stronger we want our members to be equally able to rely on – including for all type of support without judgement – and help each other at every opportunity while also to having fun together. This starts with the participation in our D&D sessions, book club and other discord events as well as in game events whenever we get the chance to step foot in Thanabus. Yep if you’ve been listening that was us mentioned there: Founder AMA | Live Stream – Ember Sword

We also believe every member should get a chance to contribute their talents, so we are always happy to listen to suggestions and let the creativity flow. We have had great results so far with our amazing banner, logo and other projects in the pipelines like our DAO!

As our name is a translation of Solarwood in Danish (where BSS is based) we are of course very focused on Solarwood. This has allowed us to already form alliances with guilds in the other nations!

Lastly, we have owned land in Solarwood since the very first land sale.

This enables us to not only have a guild house (or multiple) for our headquarters on our city plot -and outposts- but also to choose the buildings we put there to cater to the needs of our guild and friends. It will also allow us to use the revenue to fund events, giveaways and to reward our dedicated community members. We hope to continue to grow our guild with many new members and if you haven’t already we hope that you will consider joining us!