Kraken in a lake over the word Soltrae

Leaders and Managers

Iliana – .iliana.
(Co-leader and Head of the General Management and External Affairs departments)

Altheak – altheak
(Co-leader and Head of the Human Ressources department)



Tarrish – Tarrish {Soltrae}#8224
(Disciplinary HR Officer)

Umi – Umi#9429
(Internal Projects Officer)

DodoGames – dodogamescouk
(Partnership Projects Officer)

FanZ – uncle.fanz
(General officer)

Xeopto – profedustream
(General Officier)

GundamHufflepuff – gundamhufflepuff
(Our very first pioneer)

RiverFish – DeFishient#4467
(Our great artist who created our logo)


We have so many great guild members that discord has decided to impose its character limit to let us know it was starting to be a long list therefor you can find them sporting a beautiful green in the members list with the role @Guild member on our discord server !